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Senior Instructional Designer

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As an Instructional Designer in Amazon's operation technology org, I audited existings training content, identified clear learning outcomes, and assessed needs for new training materials before designing the learning collateral, itself. This collateral included comprehensive e-learnings, detailed training outlines, and extensive documentation of ops processes. The ongoing management and data-driven updates were included in this work.

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Case study examples

3rd party vendor onboarding & success metrics

My role: Lead Instructional Designer

The challenge: The main audience for this training series was the Amazon-internal operators that support the 3rd party vendors who sell there goods on the site. In this role, I was required to intimately understand the needs of the external vendors while identifying principles and strategies for tools that would give internal ops the learning they needed to successfully support. Success metrics were identified, throughout, tracking issues of performance rates, problem resolution, and learning outcomes.

Japan shipment coordination technology integration

My role: Lead Instructional Designer & trainer

The challenge: Myself and a lead trainer were tasked with traveling to various fulfillment centers (FC) and sort centers (SC) across the US and Canada with the Japanese ops integrations leads, to identify process and training requirements to fit their country-specific needs. Once identified, we created the training tools and flew to Japan to work directly with broader ops teams. Training content was dynamically revised to fit their specific use-cases and communication nuances. This integration was considered a success when fully launched across Japan's nation-wide fullfillment centers.

National Fulfillment Center "Kiva" operations performance improvements

My role: Lead Instructional Designer

The challenge: Amazon's "Kiva" smart robots have been credited with significant optimizations to the speed in which customers can expect to receive orders -- informing Prime's aggressive fulfillment promises. Working with the robots is not simple, however, requiring detailed education. Due to the lack of clear training goals and poor outcomes in early iterations, turnover in these FCs was only 6-8 months. My team was tasked with auditing and updating all ops training with continued performance measurment.

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