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Life before corporate (BC)

Faculty Member | Curriculum Designer | 
Figurative Sculptor


Before making the career transition to corporate brands, I spent my time in the classroom and in the art studio. As a classically trained figurative sculptor with a passion for showing others the power of their own creativity, I spent over a decade refining my communication skills, both visually and academically. Paired with a strong flair for theory and philosophy, my diverse background has uniquely set me up to be a successful, interdisciplinary strategist.

Image by Dom Fou

Places I've taught

(Full-time & Adjunct)

Gage Academy of Art

Seattle, Washington

Arizona State University

Phoenix, Arizona

University of Advancing Technology

Phoenix, Arizona

Georgia Perimeter College

Atlanta, Georgia

Bauder College

Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Tech University

Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia State University

Atlanta, Georgia

Parsons School of Design | The New School

New York, New York

My education

Ph.D. | Design, Environment & the Arts

Arizona State University

With a focus on design history, theory, and criticism, I studied the socio-economical contexts that led to some of the most successful creative collaborations of the 19th & 20th centuries. I used these case studies to develop frameworks for inspiring new collaborations in corporate and non-corporate environments.

Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) | Human Anatomy & Sculpture

New York Academy of Art

There's a big difference between studying human anatomy for medical purposes versus understanding the human body for the sake of figurative representation. Working with cadavers, artists, and historians alike, I received an intimate education in creative evolution.

Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) | Studio Art & Foundry

University of Arizona

Dabbling is probably the best way to learn the foundations of style and voice. I went from oil to watercolor to clay to metal in my pusuit to discover my craft and the direction of my content.

Professional Awards & Fellowships

Haystack Fellowship

Whether sculpting, painting, glass blowing, or jewelry making, craftspeople from all of the world make a pilgrimage to Deer Isle, Maine every year to learn from the best of the best at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. In 2012, I was invited to spend a month, there, to create and collaborate.

New York Sculpture House

With its own popular magazine and online storefront, Sculpture House is an internationally respected forum for art critics and purveyor of specialty supplies. In 2007, as a big fan of the brand, it was a particular honor (and very flattering) to receive their recognition for my work. I was equally excited about the prize money that accompanied it.

Peter Leggieri Sculptor

Locally known to the New York art scene as one of the biggest supporters of young talent, Peter Leggieri would identify one lucky sculptor each year to receive art scholarships and large material stipends to remove the weight of the world from their shoulders, allowing them to focus singularly on the craft. In 2006, I was chosen to be that sculptor.

Arizona Sculpture Competition

It was identified early on in my college career that I was a pretty awful painter, but had a reasonably promising eye for the three-dimensional. In fact, my mentor had so much faith in my natural ability that she entered one of my very first finished works in the statewide competition, without telling me. It was quite surprising to find out that I'd won.

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