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Oral care "Progress Report"

My role: Lead UX Writer

The challenge: Paired to Sonicare's Diamond Clean smart toothbrush, the "Progress Report" became the app's primary value prop. With six behavioral smart sensors, the user's brushing habits would inform dynamic, personalized content meant to teach and inspire improved oral health. Partnering with UX Research and oral care SMEs, I created the rule-base and a bank of over 100 dynamic content variates to keep people brushing and engaged.

The goal

The Sonicare brushing app's retention and engagement were extremely low. Although downloads were high, average retention was approx. 14 days, with average engagement of approx. 5-7 uses.

The goal of the Progress Report feature was: 

Provide the user with personalized, relevant brushing content that would 1) educate, enable awareness, and empower users to improve their oral healthcare, and 2) inspire improved app user retention and engagement, shifting KPIs from daily use to weekly/bi-weekly interactions

UI designs with content

Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 7.21.06 PM.png

UX user testing matrix, used to determine tone of dynamic content

Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 7.21.58 PM.png

The process

The stakeholders

Due to the healthcare aspects of the content:

  • Close partnership with Clinical was critical to verify the efficacy and accuracy of the subject matter

  • Frequent Legal reviews were needed to protect the Brand's accreditation

  • Ongoing collaboration with Marketing, Design, and Engineering was key to align on experience design 

The copy requirements

To get started:

  • Isolate 30 personalized oral healthcare messages

  • All messages needed to remain at or below a 250 character max

  • Tone and comprehension levels needed to be tested for resonance

  • To help expedite the content creations process, a message structure  of "[Intro statement] [Brushing problem] [Actions to improve]" was fomalized

The research

Multiple rounds of user testing were conducted

  • Pre-launch: Two thorough rounds of card-sort, focused on tone, comprehension, and overall preference

  • Post-launch: Quant triggers  looking for frequency of feature visits and time spent on the page

The learnings

The metrics

Overall retention increased from 14 to 45 days, but actual usage saw no movement

The relationship

The content improved the amount of time users held onto the app, but did not inspire additional sharing of brushing habits

The next steps

Develop in-app feedback opportunity for users to ‘favorite’ or comment on actual content, and revise & scale the dynamic messaging to provide even more variety of content

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