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Josh Chuzi

My Content Philosophy

No one likes to join a conversation late -- the context is vague, and it's difficult to jump in without awkwardly backtracking. Good product content starts the conversation at the beginning, no matter where or when its audience chooses to join; it gives the audience the context they need to feel included, and invites them to actively participate. Good product content works to build relationships, mindful of the fact that there is no conversation without the audience.

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As a Content Designer

I wear a lot of hats...

Thought Leader


UX Research Evangelist



Design Influencer

Info Architect

Creative Brainstormer

Systems Thinker


Sounding Board

Workshop Facilitator

Data Driver

Quality Assurer

Service Designer

Legal Liaison

Critical Question-Asker


Dot Connector

Customer Advocate


Case Builder

Process Improver

Product Philosopher

And I collaborate constantly

Frequent partners & stakeholders include:

Design | Research | Senior Leadership | Customer Insights | Product Management | Data Science | Social Impact | Legal | Regulatory & Compliance | Operations | Innovation & Insights | Artificial Intelligence | Marketing | Product Marketing | Engineering | Agencies
| SEO | Affinity Networks | and more...

Want to check out some of my work?

(Note: This area requires a password. Gimme a shout to request access.)

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Zillow Group

Principal Content Designer-Strategist, E2E

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 1.40.19 PM.png

Philips Sonicare

Senior Content Manager | Lead UX Writer

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 1.44_edited.jpg

Senior Instructional Designer


Life before corporate (BC)

Faculty Member | Curriculum Designer | Artist

What working with me is like

From the mouths of my collaborators

"When I tell people that I work with great people at Zillow, Josh is the first person that comes to mind. He takes the time to get to know me as a person, understands what I'm passionate about and where I'm looking to grow my career, and then uses that knowledge to recommend how I might contribute to projects we're on together. He's encouraging and empowering. He checks in regularly and somehow has found a way to make an all-remote working relationship feel strong, personal, and normal in times that don't feel so normal."

Gimme a shout

(646) 373-4613

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