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Behavior-specific App Upsells

My role: Lead Content Designer

The challenge: Initial experimentation with semi-dynamic messaging that is placement- and behavior-specific, for the purpose of defining principles to drive contextually relevant content. Initial data findings were staggeringly positive.


By surfacing upsells that are a) in reaction to a user’s behaviors, and b) providing simple, conversational content relevant to that behavior, the user will perceive product recommendations as the ‘next logical action’ to take.

Placement 1

Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at

Users landing on the mWeb homescreen.

Placement 2

Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at

Users attempting to save a home listing.

Initial findings

Reactive timing + simple, conversational tone = HUGE content improvements

Location 1: +921K net gain in Owned Installs (+17% YoY) annually

Location 2: +275K net gain in Owned Installs (+6% YoY) annually

*No significant differences in performance seen between content variants

Next steps

  • Continue to test planned variants to validate overall effectiveness

  • Identify other important behaviors and placements to surface contextual upsells throughout the UI

  • Test additional features and value props within existing test locations to assess for the generalizability of this concept

  • Work with Design and Product Marketing partners to clean up upsell placements and language 

  • Use Onsite Messaging Platform (OMP) to drive faster iterations and improve our understanding of the customer’s intent

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