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Philips Sonicare

Senior Content Manager | Lead UX Writer

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Originally hired to develop the content strategy for Sonicare's new smart brushing app only, it was quickly identified that there was a greater need to drive consistency across customer-facing products. The scope of Content Strategy's impact stretched from digital to physical packaging. As the Lead Writer and Content Manager, I owned the complete suite of product communications, end-to-end, and shipped content to 30+ countries, translated and localized to 16 languages.

Brushing Teeth

Work examples

Oral care "Progress Report"

My role: Lead UX Writer

The challenge: Paired to Sonicare's Diamond Clean smart toothbrush, the "Progress Report" became the app's primary value prop. With six behavioral smart sensors, the user's brushing habits would inform dynamic, personalized content meant to teach and inspire improved oral health. Partnering with UX Research and oral care SMEs, I created the rule-base and a bank of over 100 dynamic content variates to keep people brushing and engaged.

Dental education homepage

& articles

My role: Lead UX Writer

The challenge: For customers and Sonicare-curious visitors not ready to commit to the high price-point of the smart toothbrushes required to connect to the app, it was important to provide 12 easy-to-find, easy-to-digest oral care articles, primarily geared toward education of good oral care habits, and secondarily guiding viewers to relevent Sonicare products. To drive traffic improvements, I partnered closely with the SEO team to help identify topics and keywords needing to be covered within the content.

Defining Sonicare's voice & tone

My role: Content Manager

The challenge: As a stakeholder in the creation of an invigorated Brand Playbook, I collaborated with Design, Marketing, Growth teams, and Senior Leadership to workshop the visual patterns and communication strategies for the Sonicare brand, company-wide. This playbook has been used to define all product collateral, from digital experiences to physical device and packaging design. 

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