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Zillow Group

Principal Content Designer-Strategist, E2E

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As the first Product Content Strategist (now Content Designer) hired at Zillow, I've played a dual role, splitting my time between supporting Designers and Product Managers -- creating well-rounded product experiences -- and helping the Design org build a case for scaling a fully realized Content Design team. Since then, the team's grown to 14 people, supporting nearly every area of the product, and will continue to grow. I've maintained an E2E focus, throughout.

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Work examples

Behavior-specific App Upsells

My role: Lead Content Designer

The challenge: Initial experimentation with semi-dynamic messaging that is placement- and behavior-specific, for the purpose of defining principles to drive contextually relevant content. Initial data findings were staggeringly positive.

Zillow 3-year Vision
Workshop design & narrative

My role: Core team member and narrative writer

The challenge: Three full-day, sequential workshops designed to facilitate 65 business leaders through a series of convergent and divergent thinking exercises, aimed at defining (and aligning) product concepts that would become the guiding vision for the next three years, company-wide. Along with the tools developed for the workshops, vision narratives and animated videos are important collateral of this work.

Diversity & Inclusivity Processes

My role: Content Committee member & change management facilitator

The challenge: Identify issues of potential D&I insensitivity and develop plans and/or process improvements for addressing these issues. This area of socially conscious content is an ongoing focus and a passion of mine. See examples of both internal and external projects by clicking the link.  

Additional mechanisms I've developed for growing Zillow Content Design

Content intake processes

Content Design systems patterns & principles

Customer UX mental modeler

Voice & tone guidelines

Business-wide email content standardization

Narrative building tools

Content Design office hours

Content quality bars

Minimum loveable experience (MLE) workshops

Ad hoc request channels

Content tenets & traps

"Defining your own core values" workshops

Process mapping & standardization

Collaboration-focused project brief templates

E2E communications mapping

Contact me if you'd like to discuss any or all of these tools further.
I'd be happy to walk you through my process.

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